Behind the Brand

„Inspired by the song „Sky is the Limit“ by Notorious BIG, the realization of our dream watch and the brand AERONOM was under the same credo: There are no limits! That‘s why we want to write our own story instead of following the mainstream. It was important to us to create a product that is not another copy or homage. We wanted to create a watch that carries its own identity and tells its own story - that‘s how the AERO ONE was born.

Behind the Product

Our producer and our master watchmaker are both located in Pforzheim, the „German Gold Capitol“, where our watch is finally manufactured. As the brains behind AERONOM we combine this traditional craft with our values from urban street culture, i.e. fashion, design, art, music or graffiti. Our products should appeal to exactly this clientele. As a cross reference to the fashion scene we will release several drops per year and always have a little surprise up our sleeve. Our aspiration is to establish a brand that plays at the top in the long term, rather than just existing on the sidelines. As Nipsey Hussle said, „Life is a marathon, not a sprint.“ This street hustle mentality drives us and ensures that we don‘t do things by halves and can‘t be stopped!

Behind the Vision

In order to continue to delight our community with rare and unique timepieces, there will always be limited drops. AERONOM  - Friends & Family Members will be granted early access. That means: we release first within the family, before it comes to the public drop. Those who celebrate our mindset are welcome to join the family. To everyone else: thank you for your attention and have fun in mediocrity!
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