Welcome to the world of AERONOM®

We're a small team based in Germany who's crazy about watches that pack a punch in both style and craftsmanship. Let us tell you about our journey and some of the stars in our lineup – the Aero One OG, the Carolina Blue, and of course, our latest drop, the Aero One BLK.

First off, there's the Aero One OG – our first baby. After nearly 2 years of planning and development, launched in January 2022. This piece is a no-nonsense, all-about-the-watch kind of deal. Limited to 200 pieces. Sold out! We’re sorry.

Then couple of months went by, we launched in Q3 2022 the Aero One Carolina Blue – a ultra-limited edition beauty. It's our tribute to the GOAT of all basketball courts. Only 23 of these exist in the world. Sold out in 24 hours. Sorry again.

Our latest gem, the Aero One BLK, is something else. We're talking bold, black, and beautiful. It's for those who dare to stand out, for the streetwear aficionados with a taste for the finer things. Launched in November 2023. Limited to 200 pieces. Not sold out, yet!

Carlos Hartmann, our CEO, sums it up best: "We're here to shake things up. Aeronom isn't just a brand; it's a statement. We make watches for those who want to make their mark on the world." And that's what we're all about – creating watches that aren't just about telling time, but about telling your story.

So, why not join the Aeronom family? Each watch is a conversation starter, a piece of art on your wrist. Some might say the opposite, but we don’t care.

Meet the AERONOM® Team